3d rendering of Christmas holly sitting on top of a movie clap board

One of the most frustrating things about being an illustrator and designer is that every now and then I come up with an idea that seems great in my mind – and then fail miserably upon execution. This “Christmas movie” 3d rendering is one such example. Actually, it wasn’t a complete failure – the composition and lighting are pretty much exactly what I had in mind as I was putting this illustration together. It’s just that the holly leaves and berries look too fake for my liking. I could have done a much better job with those pieces!

I’ve since began the process of modeling new (more realistic) leaves and berries, but like a lot of personal side projects I start, it’s sitting in a half-finished state with no hope of being completed any time soon. I’ve just got too many other things going on for something as low priority such as this.

Because of the fact that I may never finish this rendering, I thought I’d post it here for anyone who’d like to use it for any of their Christmas-related projects. I’ve saved it out as a fairly high-res image (2000px wide), and it will print perfectly sharp at 6.5” wide. Perfect for a Christmas post card?

Just right click on the image above to download the full-res version.

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