3d renderings of push pins with transparent backgrounds

gray push pin small

Small gray push pin with alpha channel background

Here’s something that I know will be useful to a lot of you. It’s two high-resolution 3d renderings of gray push pins over top of transparent (alpha channel) backgrounds. That’s it. Nothing more. You may (or may not) have noticed that I uploaded a vector illustration of a push pin a while ago, but these renderings are a bit more interesting IMHO – mostly because they are very real looking. I’ve used them a bunch of times in various projects of mine.

Something also a bit unique about these renderings are the fact that I’ve added an orange “dot” at the point of each one. That little graphic helps to emphasize a marked spot better than just having nothing there, but you can easily remove it in Photoshop if you don’t need it. I thought about not including it in these downloadable files, but the truth is that I needed it in pretty much every other project that I’ve used these in. These pins also include shadows, which helps to make them more realistic.

Just click on each one to download the png file.

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