4 high res background textures

I create an ridiculous amount of generic background textures in my day to day work, and nearly every single one of them gets used in some form or another in real client projects. But every now and then I create a set that doesn’t seem to fit my style and they end up being stragglers that I just can’t seem to fit in anywhere. These 4 background textures need a home, and I’m hoping that posting them here will give them a second chance at life!

All four of these were created for the same project. I needed to create some very busy textures with lots of detail for a mobile app I was working on, and it wasn’t really necessary to be pixel-perfect with these. Why? Because I was going to blur them and take sections of the best looking portions, which would then become the background gradients and textures for the app.

But these might be useful as is. I know for a fact that I can’t use them anywhere (trust me, I’ve tried), but you could try the same approach I did with the blur effects to achieve some interesting looks.

Here are the rest of the images, starting off with the most colorful one of the bunch. It’s based on a honeycomb grid pattern, which is probably the most symmetrical texture in this group:

honeycomb grid pattern

Honeycomb background texture

The next two actually started out life as a photo I took of a really crazy (and ugly) carpet pattern. I then tweaked and tuned it in Photoshop to achieve these two abstract textures, which might even be useful as abstract bump maps for 3D work:

abstract bump map

Abstract grayscale texture

abstract symmetrical background texture

Semi-symmetrical abstract pattern

All of these background images are high res (1500 pixels wide), so that should be sufficient for many different types of applications. And I apologize in advance for any stray pixels or inconsistencies you find – as I said above, creating perfect background textures was not the goal here.

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