5 simple vector badge designs

I’m not much of a badge designer, but here are a few quick and loose concepts for a promotional graphic that I was recently working on for a web project. The content isn’t real (obviously), but it represents the style of typography that we were thinking about using for the actual badge. You can (and should) play with different type styles as much as you can though – I’ve found that mixing typography works very well when it comes to badge design, and a little bit of flair goes a long way towards adding character to your design. My metallic gold award badges show some type-style mixing that looks ok, but I’d actually recommend being a lot more creative than that and exaggerating the differences even more. Typography is a hard thing to get right, but it looks great when it all comes together!

These five simple badge styles are just that: plain and void of excess frills. The website that I was designing for has a very flat vector-graphic design language, so there was no point of going crazy with the beveling and shadows to create dimensionality. On a side note, I’m totally loving this flat design trend. My personal design style has always been overly simplistic and clean, so I feel at home when it comes to creating simple graphics like this.

In order to make modification easy, I’ve left my strokes and lines as I created them so that you can change thickness and width with little effort. And since my typography is so lightly styled, I’ve left them as editable type just in case you like what I created and simply want to replace it with your own message. The font I’m using is Gotham Bold, which is free from many places around the web. But as I said above, I’d actually recommend that you have a bit more fun with your messaging and choose a font that better fits with your theme. What I’ve done here is plain and safe (perfect for corporate use) but they would have so much more character with stylized typography.

Download the Adobe Illustrator source file

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