Automotive UI elements and widgets in PSD format

Several years ago I was messing around with some concepts for an automotive maintenance app for mobile devices, and it never made it past this preliminary (and very rough) mockup. The idea was that the car would communicate with the app, providing all sorts of cool data and maintenance info. It wasn’t really a hashed-out plan at that point…all I was trying to do was get some ideas down to see how it would look.

Back then, this seemed like a really cool idea – but here we are (just two years later), and an idea like this is not so far-fetched. And as a matter of fact, several automotive manufactures are doing this already.

So that leaves me with this quickly-aging automotive UI template with absolutely no use for it. The widgets themselves might be able to be used for something else, and since they are layered graphics, you can modify them easily to suit your needs. And if those analog gauge graphics look familiar, they are actually based on the generic gauge illustration I uploaded way back in February of 2013. Sometimes reusing graphics like that can save a lot of time!

You can download the source PSD file here.

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