Basic widescreen PowerPoint template with charts and graphs

I’ve mentioned before that presentation templates are (and always have been) one of the types of graphics that I create the most. I work with a lot of people who are always giving presentations, and they know me as the guy who can quickly whip up a quick slide deck for their next big meeting. I also have a need for these things – I present a lot of visual design concepts via email, and sometimes it’s just easier to package them up in a PowerPoint or Keynote document in order to keep things organized. It’s a lot better than attaching individual JPGs or PNGs to an email because the order in which concepts are presented is more controlled. And I can also include notes and overlays where necessary, which isn’t as easy with individual images.

One of the things I do when I have some down time is to develop my collection of generic templates so that I’ll have more to choose from whenever I need to put together a presentation really quickly. Sounds fun, right? Anyway, I’ve already got a lot of blank templates that I’ve created, but I don’t have any that are widescreen versions in a 16:9 aspect ratio. These wider templates are actually becoming quite useful to me because I can place text an images side by side a lot easier than I could with a standard 4:3 theme.

This particular one that I created a few days ago. It’s very basic and completely void of any type of theme or design language, which is perfect because it will be easy for me to stylize later to match the particular presentation that I (or one of my clients) is giving.

This is a very flexible template. It consists of four pages: a cover slide, text slide, table slide, and circular diagram slide. Of course all of these charts and graphs were built right within PowerPoint, so you can easily edit and style them however you want.

Look for fully stylized themes based on this generic template coming soon.

You can get the source PPT file by clicking here.

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