Blue and silver presentation template with a frosted glass medical symbol

To be honest, it’s a bit difficult to create a professional-looking but very bright healthcare and medical PowerPoint template. My preference is for a very simplistic design style with big contrast – and it’s something I can easily achieve with vibrant colors against silver or metallic accents.

That’s exactly why this is my favorite medical-themed template I’ve created to date. Its incredibly simple, yet really powerful, thanks to the 3d model I created from the vector medical symbol I uploaded to this blog a while ago. The frosted glass material of the medical symbol really pops off against that dark blue background, and the silver section along the left edge gives it a touch of flair. Yes, I hate adding flair to anything I design, but sometimes it works.

I had a hard time restraining myself on the interior slides. I wanted to carry that frosted glass medical symbol into those content pages somehow, but everything I tried just looked so “forced”. In the end, keeping those slides clean and light was the best option IMHO. The only design accent here is a narrow sliver of that silver material from the cover slide.

You might also be interested to know that I almost made this template red instead of blue. Red seems to be more popular in the medical world, but to be honest, it was really overkill. I think the blue is vibrant enough while sill looking classy and professional.

Click here to download this template.

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