Branching out: I just started uploading my entire portfolio to

It’s been a while since I have been so excited about a new up-and-coming microstock site, but has my full attention. It was created by Peter Hamza, the guy who created the highly successful and (RIP). Yes, he knows exactly what it takes to build a successful microstock site and I am fully confident that he can do it again with Stockfresh. His websites are clean and organized, easy to navigate, and fresh (no pun intended) – the best part is that (as a photographer / artist himself) he appreciates each and every one of his contributors and offers high royalties on every sale. If was any indication of what the Stockfresh experience is going to be like, I’m jumping in with both feet.

Last week I started to upload my full portfolio, and since I’m only uploading 50 images a day, I expect it to take about 60 days before it’s fully online.

To be honest, I’m not sure I would have even given the site any attention if it wasn’t for the drastic changes over at iStockphoto that were announced last week. That whole situation made it very clear that iStock has no appreciation for us (the contributors), even though they wouldn’t have anything to sell if we didn’t work so hard for them. It’s mind boggling to think about, and the popular opinion floating around now is that Getty is preparing iStock for a public offering. Getty has a history of these kinds of profit-based actions, and it’s obvious they want to control the market and pocket as much money as they can without any regard to those of us who built their catalog. With that said, I’m stopping all uploads to iStock effective immediately, and I’m pulling down all links to their site. As well, I’m trying to reach out to any buyers that I can to convince them to drop iStock and start making their purchased at websites such as who actually care about the contributor.

I wish Peter and the entire team over at Stockfresh success. I know they have a tough road ahead of them, as it’s not going to be easy to launch a microstock site from scratch with the plethora of other established sites out there all clamoring for the same business. But based on his track record of building successful stock photo websites in the past, my confidence is high. I am going to support his new project 100%.

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