Bright ideas lightbulb diagram

Here’s another one of my earliest vector illustrations, which is very similar to the teamwork diagram I uploaded last September. It features six lightbulbs arranged in a circle over an orange disc, and I created it to as an icon (or logo) to represent good ideas. Yeah, this was way back when stock illustrations were hard to find on the web and lightbulb and globes were really popular. Now it’s just an outdated graphic and has no more use for me, so I’m posting it here.

With a bit of cleanup, I think this could be a pretty cool logo for a creative (or electrical) business. It’s too detailed to be considered an icon – though you could extract one of the lightbulbs and turn it into something neat. Or, you could go the other way and add even more detail to it by using my slightly more realistic vector lightbulb illustrations. There are a lot of parts and pieces on this blog that you could use to spice this up, so be creative! But if you want my opinion, simplifying it is the way to go if you are thinking about using it as a logo for your company. Simple is best when it comes to graphics like this.

I should also mention that this illustration has a 3d effect applied to it in Illustrator. I didn’t actually draw it in this perspective, so you can remove that filter to view it straight-on (as I drew it). From there you can edit however you’d like and then re-apply the 3d effect.

Download the vector source file

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