Camera flip icon concepts

Icons icons icons. Is that all I’m good for? According to some of my clients, yes. I’m not really complaining about that though, because creating icon sets is something I enjoy doing quite a bit and it’s one of those “mindless” types of visual design tasks that allow me to put on some good music, chill out, and just get to work. I can’t always listen to music when I’m working though. For anything requiring the slightest bit of concentration and thought, I need complete peace and quiet in order to stay focused. Cutting and optimizing assets for websites or mobile apps are perfect examples of tasks that fall under the “silence” rules. Pixel counting requirers concentration!

You may have noticed that I recently posted some leftover icons for “beautify” and “image stabilization”, and these camera flip icons are some early concepts from that same batch. This particular icon is to represent switching between the front and rear cameras on mobile devices, and to be honest, it was one of the easiest icons I’ve done in a while. All it took was creating these five concepts plus one more (the winning design), and that was it. No redo’s, no adjustments, no endless iteration. The client simply picked the one he liked the best and we moved onto the next one. I wish icon design was always that easy…

To be honest though, there is only so much that a visual designer can do with an icon for front/back camera switching. There are some rather universal designs that have been established for this particular task, and drawing anything other than a phone with an arrow is pushing the limits of what is so widely recognized. So why reinvent the wheel when it’s not necessary? Yeah, the winning design from this batch (not shown here) was a variant with a camera and the arrow. As they always say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I’ve got a lot more icons that I need to create over the next several months (for this same project), and there are sure to be a lot of leftovers and rejects. I’ll post what I can here, but please note that there are some that I can’t simply due to the fact that I’ll be creating icons for proprietary mobile technology. Those will unfortunately have to be left out, but you can expect to see a lot of other icons regardless.

Download the source vector file

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