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3d Starbucks logo

Earlier this year I was experimenting with some Starbucks logo illustrations (just trying to see what I could do with it), and I found it to be a really difficult one to replicate in 3d. It wasn’t all that difficult to build, but it

Vector Stockfresh logo

The royalty-free stock image business is tough these days, and it’s nothing like it used to be. Competition between photographers is more fierce than ever, and the agencies themselves have evolved from being to small mom-and-pop websites to being huge publicly traded companies. As

Vector Android logo

This isn’t a very exciting post today, I know, but I’m just plugging away trying to upload all the random stuff that’s been in my archives for years that I have no use for anymore. It’s better that I post that stuff here rather

Vector NFL logo

The nice thing about being a designer with solid Adobe Illustrator skills is that I can pretty much create anything I need for my projects. This NFL logo is a perfect example of that. I was in (dire) need of creating a 3d model