Dark gray and blue generic business card template

I’m not really sure what the deal is, but I haven’t been asked to design very many business cards lately. Is it because I’m not really that great of a business card designer? Or maybe it’s because nobody actually uses these things anymore? I’m not really sure, but the visual designer in me is a little bit bummed out by it all because self-promo cards are probably one of my favorite things to do. Simplicity rules when it comes to good business card design, and that matches my design philosophy perfectly – I hate making things more complex than they need to be! An added bonus is that I can usually crank out designs for these things really quickly, which greatly satisfies the part of my brain that is in charge of my attention deficit disorder.

I was recently tasked with creating an assortment of generic business cards for a client’s video shoot, and this particular card was made for a fictional company called “PinPoint Productions”. I played off the name a bit and created a graphic style which emphasized some sort of focal point, using overlapping triangles to create an abstract shape that is pointing to the bottom right hand corner of the card.

If the colors are a bit too dark for your tastes, I’m happy to report that this design works equally well reveresed (so that the dark gray areas become white). We went back and forth on this design a few times, trying to decide if it was better to be light or dark, but I think it looks good either way.

Please note that this was a very loose and rough concept (which wasn’t even used for the video shoot), so my apologies in advance if all the points aren’t aligned perfectly. I tried to clean up this vector illustration as much as I could before posting it here, but I didn’t worry about making it perfect since I figure that most anyone who uses this will likely make some changes of their own.

You can download this business card vector file by clicking here.

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