Designer portfolio website template in Photoshop PSD format

A few years ago I went on a personal design rampage in my quest to design my own design portfolio website from scratch. I created a lot of concepts, and the stupid thing is that I never used any of them. I wouldn’t call it a total waste of time, as I really do love pushing pixels around, but sheesh – I was being way too picky with myself and I never did come up with a design layout I totally liked.

This PSD source file is one of those templates, and it was the one that I came the closest to building. And as you can see, I only got as far as the homepage – I never got around to designing the rest of the template. But I guess that just goes to prove that the old saying that “the cook always starves” is true. To this day I still don’t have my very own portfolio site. Maybe someday I’ll get around to it, but it’s not going to be with this template. If you’d like to use it, knock yourself out…

download this layered photoshop portfolio website template source file in Photoshop PSD format

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