Four basic car and truck icons

Not too long ago a client of mine had asked me to create a very basic (one-color) icon that represented “toys”. We played with a lot of ideas – I drew everything from robots to rockets to vehicles, and they ultimately decided they didn’t need the icon after all due to a change in their product focus. Grr. That’s what life as a designer is like though, and I’ve been doing this for enough years to know that it’s par for the course.

Anyway, these four vector car and truck icons were part of a set of preliminary concepts that I generated. These are really (really) basic, and completely void of detail – which basically makes them silhouettes. Several of these are very toy-like with exaggerated proportions, while a couple of them are a bit more realistic. All in all though, this is not complex art at all. Sometimes simplicity is good, right?

download these vector car icons in Adobe Illustrator format

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