Fully editable PowerPoint diagram illustration

I was seriously debating whether or not I wanted to upload this PowerPoint diagram template to TrashedGraphics or not. One one hand, I spent a lot of time on this with a client of mine several years ago, and there are a ton of editable graphic elements here that could be easily modified into something useful. On the other hand, I personally feel this is a convoluted mess of an illustration. In my defense, this image represents all of the elements that were supposed to be part of a complex transition animation – so they weren’t supposed to be shown all at once. On top of that, my client was trying to tell a very complex story with one slide – which is never a good thing to do IMHO.

I’m a really big fan of simple design, but sometimes I have to do what the client tells me to do.

download this fully editable PowerPoint diagram template in Photoshop PSD format

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