Fully editable vector van illustration

This simple illustration of a small van was created way back in 2005 for part of a Flash animation I built to demo a product that my employer was trying to promote. They said that they wanted something very simple and “cartoony”, which totally wasn’t my style of illustration back then (and still isn’t today), but I forged ahead anyway. I’ll be the first to admit that the illustrations I created weren’t all that great, but the demo animation itself was a lot of fun to put together and it got a lot of publicity throughout the company.

Now that I think about it, this might have been the first vector car illustration I have ever done. I used to draw cars by hand quite a bit when I was still a wee lad and it had been years since I had drawn a car when I created this – and I remember thinking about how much respect I had immediately gained for the automotive illustrators out there who create detailed vector car art. That kind of stuff isn’t easy! Anyway, I’m glad I did this one because I think it may have been the spark that got me to start drawing cars again. Funny how that works sometimes.

This is a very basic flat-style drawing, but you could probably turn it into something really fun by adding a bit more detail. Add some custom wheels, some better reflections in the windows, and perhaps wrap it with your logo or message – it has the potential to be something really cool. As always, I’d love to see what do you with it! Post up a link in the comments for all the world to see if you’d like to show it off…

Download the vector source file

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