Generic paper towel label in PSD format

Have you ever wondered what a 5-minute label design looks like? This generic paper towel label is a perfect example. Yep, I knocked this sucker out in less than five minutes about four years ago for a photo shoot we were doing. It turns out that we needed to add a roll of paper towels into the background of the scene (long story – don’t ask), and it needed to have some kind of label on it. Of course we couldn’t use a real label of a real paper towel brand, so I had to whip something up on the spot.

There were two reasons why I only spent 5 minutes on this: first, we had a photographer on site who was billing us at a very expensive hourly rate. There was no time to waste! And second, this was going to be a part of a background prop, which would be blurry and unreadable anyway. Therefore, there was no point in trying to make this look as pretty as possible.

The light green colors were also used on purpose – this label needed to have a bit of contrast so that it could be seen in the distance. We didn’t want to make it overpowering, but just contrasty enough to know that it’s there.

So yeah – this paper towel label is hardly what I would call good design, but I’m hoping it may be useful to others who have the same sort of need for it we did. It’s quick and dirty, but it did the job!

You can download the PSD source file here. Note that this was built with vector shapes within Photoshop, so you’ll be able to scale it to any size you want. Be warned though – it’s very sloppy and rough, so you’ll need to spend some time cleaning it up if you want to use it for something important.

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