Generic vector blueprint diagram

Creating stock graphics day in and day out means that I usually need to create a lot of supporting graphics to go along with them. So…what does that mean exactly? Well, this generic blueprint diagram is a perfect example – I actually created it before creating the engineering-themed background image I was intending to integrate it with. I knew right from the get-go that I needed a generic schematic drawing of some type to use as a watermarked texture, so I whipped up this generic drawing in about 10 minutes so that I could have something to play with.

As you can probably tell by looking at that background image, I actually used very little of this drawing – only the top left portion is visible, so I guess I didn’t really need to draw this entire thing out. But hey – it’s always good to have stuff like this in my archives in case I ever need something similar in the future. Right?

I guess so. The problem is that I don’t really care for this drawing all that much. It’s a bit too symmetrical to do anything meaningful with (in my opinion at least), so I’ve decided to throw it up here on and release it into the wild.

Click here to download the file in Adobe Illustrator CS6 format.

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