Glossy transparent vector globe

I can’t really call this globe illustration a “trashed graphic”, because I’ve used it in more projects than I can count over the years. I created it way back in 2006 just as I was starting to create stock illustrations, and it was the backbone of my collection for years. Global technology and business themes were hot back then, and it seems like every illustration I inserted a globe into was a hit. Case in point: my Global Technology PowerPoint cover template is actually one of the most downloaded files on this blog. What can I say? Business people like globes!

A lot of the illustrations I did back then featured glowing elements, so that’s why this version is glowing slightly at the edges. You can turn that off of course, and even change the color of all the continents if you like. And if that glossy effect isn’t your thing, that reflection is on it’s own separate layer that can be turned off as well.

So, if you’re looking to make a killer PowerPoint template for your next big meeting, take this illustration and place it on the cover. Nothing screams “international success” like a glowing transparent globe! Ok, I’m being mildly sarcastic here, but trust me on this…I’ve spent enough time in corporate America to know that this is mostly (and sadly) true.

Get the vector source file

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