Glowing transparent cube source files

I’ve got to admit that this website is making my day to day life as a visual designer a bit more satisfying. It used to be I’d cry a little tear when a project got canceled after I’ve spent so much time working on it, but not anymore! TrashedGraphics has been a great place to upload my unused graphic source files in an effort to give back to the design community just a wee little bit.

I created these two glowing transparent cubes for a client last week (it was part of an icon project), only to be told that the project had changed direction – right as I was putting the final touches on them. It was a wasted hour of work, and I wasn’t too pleased about rushing to get these done. But what can I do? I love creating graphic elements like this anyway, so I suppose there are worse things in life.

download these glowing wireframe cube source files in Photoshop PSD format

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