High resolution 3d renderings featuring the Lotus logo

lotus logo and piston

Lotus engine parts

Just like I mentioned in my last post about the Tesla logos, not every illustration I create is something I’m totally proud of. Hey – I’m not perfect, and sometimes I have problems creating a 3d illustration that matches exactly the way I have it in my head.

These two 3d renderings are a perfect example of a decent idea ruined by my lack of patience. Yes, I probably could have made these look really good, but the time I already have invested into both of them makes it worth not pursuing any further. That’s the reality of producing stock illustrations – it’s mostly about the numbers. Quantity over quality (to a point), so I figure that my time is better spent working on some other better-looking illustrations rather than trying to polish these up to my usual high standards. What’s wrong with them, you might ask? The reflections and shadows. The Lotus logo with the pistons has some really distraction reflections on the logo bezel, and the one with the lifesaver is just too dark overall – with some areas already overexposed. Both of those issues could be fixed – but I’m not really interested in spending the time to do it.

So – if you are decent-looking (but not perfect) looking for some high-quality 3d renderings featuring the Lotus logo, I hope that either of these two will be useful. Feel free to download and use however you wish.

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