High resolution rendering of a red FREE tag over a white background

Here’s a useful image from my stock collection – it’s a high-resolution rendering of a bright red FREE tag lying upright on a white floor. I’ve actually used variations of this tag in a countless number of renderings in my stock 3d illustration collection, but this one never made it into my archives. Basically, I tend to keep only the most visually powerful images in there, and this one was…well…kinda plain. It didn’t hold up to my usual (self-imposed) high standards.

You could probably do a lot with this considering that the background is completely white. Use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop with a tolerance set to, say, 8 colors and select the white area. Invert the selection and copy and paste the tag into a new layer (sans background). You may have to do a little bit of manual clean-up around the edges, but nothing major.

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