High resolution renderings of transparent boxes

gray 3d rectangle with transparency

High-resolution 3d rendering of a cube with an alpha channel background

This isn’t a very exciting post, but hey – I have a pretty good feeling that somebody is going to find these transparent box illustrations highly useful. I can’t even remember why I made these, but I tend to use them for a lot of things when I’m working on web and mobile UI projects. They make pretty good starting points for basic icons and and abstract textures.

Two things make these box illustrations useful: first, they are super high-res. Second, the alpha-channel transparency allows for easy placement on backgrounds with different colors and textures. Those colors and textures will show through! I know, I know. Not very exciting.

On a side note, it may surprise you to know that I struggled a bit trying to get the lighting and shading correct on these basic shapes. Sometimes the simplest things take the longest, right?

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