Large wireless cell tower icon in Photoshop format

Here’s another source file that I created to make this set of icons – it’s a simple cell tower icon in PSD format, with minimal color and shading. I don’t know what possessed me to create this icon in Photoshop instead of Illustrator, and I guess that’s part of the fun I get out of looking through my graphic design archives. I’ve made some odd decisions over the course of my visual design career, for sure. The only reason I could think for making this in Photoshop was…well…uh…yeah, I don’t really know.

I do remember that the goal for this cell tower icon was to be something very generic and simple, with very few details that would just get lost anyway when reduced down in size to fit into the screens I was making it for.

download this cell_tower_icon in Photoshop PSD format

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