Metallic digital business card psd file

Several years ago I was trying to create a high-tech looking intro graphic to be used on a landing page for a website (which had not yet been fully built), and this psd file is as far as I got before I gave up on it. The idea was that I wanted to make it look like somewhat like a business card – mostly because it was supposed to contain contact information and nothing else.

As you can see, I created this graphic before “flat design” became all the rage, and there’s no way I’d create something with so much dimensionality now. Most of what I did here could easily be done with nothing more than clean typography, and there’s really no need for all the metal textures and gloss. Isn’t it crazy how fast design styles change?

Despite the fact that I think this could look better in a flatter design style, there’s still some value in it. I know that not everyone likes flat design, so if you are in need of some sort of widget for your website or mobile app that looks like a business card, this might be a good starting point.

You can get the fully editable source PSD file by clicking here.

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