Mobile UI battery icons

Here are a couple PSD and vector source files for some mobile UI battery icons that I created about 5 years ago. I can’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure that these were intended to be part of a charging screen – like what you would see when you plugged your phone into an electrical outlet. I do remember that I was going to animate these, but we ended up going for a different solution before I had the chance to finish these concepts.

I’ve actually got a lot more graphics for mobile design in my archives, and based how fast this technology moves, I think I need to get cracking and get that stuff uploaded! Some of my older stuff (such as these battery icons) is really starting to look dated and a bit cheap looking. However, the designer in me knows that there’s good in any type of layered PSD or vector source file – as long as everything is still editable, it’s never really all that difficult to modify old designs to fit modern trends.

And now that I look at them, the 3d one on the left is actually generic enough that you could really use it for anything (and not just a charging animation). I could almost imagine it being right at home as part of a diagram or chart in a PowerPoint template or something – it’s got a bit of a “graph” like hint to it, don’t you think?

The PSD source file for the image at the top of the post can be found here, and you can get the vector file by clicking on the graphic below.

vector mobile ui battery

Battery graphic vector source files

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