Mobile UI login screen in Photoshop PSD format

Here’s a generic mobile UI login screen that should work pretty well for all you Android developers out there. It’s fairly high resolution (800×480) so it’s best suited for phones rather than tablets. This design concept was part of yet another demo-that-went-nowhere that I was involved in a couple years ago, but even though my original concepts weren’t used, I should be happy that my screenshots generated a lot of interest in developing the app further (although in a completely different direction). That app is actually alive and available for download today, but none of these design elements made it to production.

This PSD file is landscape format, and the entire thing is color-neutral with an abundance of silver and gray – which looked pretty darn awesome with the bright colors of the app logo that we used in the mockups. So if you’re in need of a simple login screen AND you’ve got a logo with bright colors – I highly recommend this combination.

download this fully mobile UI login screen in Photoshop PSD format

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