Paint bucket 3d object icon set

Right when I first started producing stock illustrations way back in 2006, I began working on what ultimately turned into a very large sub category of images within my main collection: 3d object icons. Basically, I modeled and rendered one object over a white background, and created many different versions of the same image with various objects placed next to it. Back then, 3d icon sets were all the rage and I couldn’t make these things fast enough to keep up with the demand. But now, flat design has taken over and 3d objects integrated into user interfaces aren’t in style anymore.

So what do I do with my large collection of 3d object icons? Put them on of course! Yes, I’ve decided that I’m going to upload the entire set and offer them here for free since they don’t have as much value to me these days. They served their purpose years ago, but time has marched on and left these things out in the cold lonely and without a home.

First up is the paint bucket set. The main object in each of these 3d renderings is obviously that paint can, and there are 25 illustrations in total, each with a different object posing with that bucket. Some of the objects are a bit more conceptual than others, but I have a feeling like the one with the Facebook app icon will be one of the most popular. The one with the simple wrench and screwdriver was popular back in the day as well, as a lot of my customers used that one for graphics (and company logos) related to home repair and construction. And then there are some which are rapidly falling out of date and behind the times – I can’t imagine the one with the blank cd/dvd will be very popular now. But who knows? That’s why I’m posting this stuff.

I have about 10 more of these 3d object icon sets to upload, so keep an eye out for those in the near future.

paint bucket and radiation symbol

Paint Icon: Toxic

paint bucket and plus symbol

Paint Icon: Include

paint bucket and slider control switch

Paint Icon: Color Adjustments

paint bucket and attention symbol

Paint Icon: Help

paint bucket and cd dvd

Paint Icon: CD

paint bucket and 3 segment pie chart

Paint Icon: Pie Chart

paint bucket and checkmark

Paint Icon: Ok

paint bucket and copyright symbol

Paint Icon: Copyright

paint bucket and blank documents

Paint Icon: Documents

paint bucket and @ symbol

Paint Icon: Email

paint bucket and error symbol

Paint Icon: Error

paint bucket and Facebook app icon

Paint Icon: Facebook

paint bucket and for rent sign

Paint Icon: For Rent

paint bucket and for sale sign

Paint Icon: For Sale

paint bucket and transparent globe

Paint Icon: Globe

paint bucket and info symbol

Paint Icon: Information

paint bucket and computer display screen

Paint Icon: Display

paint bucket and instant photos

Paint Icon: Photos

paint bucket and question mark symbol

Paint Icon: Help

paint bucket and recycle symbol

Paint Icon: Recycle

paint bucket and rss symbol

Paint Icon:RSS

paint bucket and magnifying glass

Paint Icon: Search

paint bucket with wrench and screwdriver

Paint Icon: Tools

paint bucket and void icon

Paint Icon: Void

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