Radial menu concepts

A long time ago (in a galaxy far away?), I was working on some really conceptual ideas to show an animated radial menu when hovering over a button. This was a few years back, way before the current flat design trend, so please forgive the gradients and drop shadows on these elements! But hey, posting old and unused source files is what trashedgraphics is a all about…

There are two very simple and unfinished concepts here. The first one (shown a the top of this post – PSD file here), shows several things happening: first, it is assumed that the user hovered over the text, and the surrounding 8 icons appeared. Below each icon is a status bar, showing progress of some sort which you may or may not need. Note the transparent white selected state on the one on the bottom left.

Here is another version of that menu:

desktop UI radial menu

Another version of this desktop UI radial menu

This one doesn’t have the stats bars beneath the icon – instead, there is one master call to action in the center of the menu. And just like the first example, the idea is that the user would roll over the text or button for the icons to appear.

Both of these are fully editable PSD files, so there’s a lot you can do to customize them for your own needs. And if you are looking for other graphics that might go with these, check out the circular infographic elements I uploaded yesterday. You could probably mix and match these with those for something really interesting.

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