Red sale tag PowerPoint template

Did you happen to notice the blue PowerPoint template with the red SALE tag that I posted over on my other blog? That one just so happened to be one of my “happy accident” templates, meaning that I was just sort of experiencing with different objects over a bright blue background until I found something that I liked. That red SALE tag is a pretty cool element and I wanted to see if I could use it in other layouts.

This template is very similar to that other one, with the main differences being the position of the tag, and the red color scheme vs. the blue. I also created a narrow sidebar along the right edge of the color slide with a hole in it that the tag could attach to, which gives it a bit more visual interest. I also think that the horizontal layout of the tag is better for longer presentation titles – you can use nearly the entire width of the slide if you need to.

I also experimented with a bunch of different color treatments on the sample table slide. In the other template, I used the dark blue from the cover slide as the fill color for the table. But that doesn’t work so well with the red color in this template. Red is very harsh, and it’s not a good background color when there’s going to be a lot of text placed over top. Because of that, I decided to keep things simple and make the body of that table a lighter gray. Your content will be much easier to read.

Do you find this template useful? Please let me know – I’d love to know how you are using it!

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