Sample power up screens for mobile devices

Here are a collection of generic power up screens that I created about four years ago that still seem to be halfway relevant. Yeah, mobile technology changes so fast these days, and much of what I was working on just several short years ago looks horribly dated. And small! Not only have design styles changed, but screen resolutions have come a long way in just a few short years – which I find to be quite annoying as a visual designer. For each graphic that I create, there are multitudes of sizes of it that I need to provide to the developer. Annoying as heck.

Anyway, each of these three layouts show a different way of displaying a typical start up screen while the device goes through it’s power-up cycle. The first one (on the left) was intended to be a looping animation with that little knob spinning around in it’s track. The middle concept was just a static screen with a “power” icon. And finally, the one on the right was another animated concept with the idea that the power icon would pulse and glow as the device comes to life.

I also included some sample text at the bottom, which would be an ideal place to put the app name or logo. The company name is located directly underneath in a smaller font.

You can click here to download the file, which just so happens to be a fully editable Photoshop PSD – so you can modify and tweak ‘till your hearts content. Enjoy!

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