Set of eight 55×55 technology icons

Ok, this one is a total blast from the past! I think I created this set of grayscale technology icons way back in 2005 for a wireless technology portal that I was working on, and it just goes to show you how far business and tech can progress in just a matter of a few years. The objects in this icon set may appear to be a bit dated (look at how thick that laptop is!) but perhaps you creative designers out there could modify these a bit to fit your project. These are medium size icons – all are 55×55 which isn’t too bad, and should even work well in today’s high-resolution mobile UI screens.

All of these icons did make it into a final / public product. However, the website that I built these for didn’t last for more than a year. It (and the product it was selling) is long gone. These icons need a home!

download this set of 55x55 technology icons in Photoshop PSD format

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