Simple and clean business card design

For some reason or another I tend to go a bit crazy and get a little bit heavy-handed when it comes to business card design. All of the business card templates that I’ve posted so far have been dark and a bit too complex for my tastes (which is part of the reason I posted them here), but here is one that is a little bit lighter and slightly different than my normal style.

I created this one right along side the dark gray and blue pin-point design, and I was specifically trying to create a design that was totally different from that one. It was really important for the difference to be huge, as these cards were to be part of the same video shoot and they needed to have totally different styles.

The entire card is purposefully left clean and white, with a simple blue logo on the left that has the initials of the cardholders name punched out of it to create a cool negative space effect. A 1px vertical divider line separates the logo from the contact information, which fills the entire right hand side. Pro tip: to make this business card design even simpler, cut out the address and phone number and move the name and email (plus website address) down to the center of the card. In this day and age, what kind of web entrepreneur needs a physical mailing address? An email address and a link to social media is all you really need. I know that some will disagree with me on that, but I’m tempted to do that myself for my own business cards.

Think of this particular design as a total opposite from my blue and silver card that I uploaded a long time ago. Sometimes it’s good to strip out all the fluff and get back to simplicity!

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