Simple reading and education icon set

For those of you not familiar with the typical design process, this set of educational / reading icons is a perfect example of a “first round” design exploration. I recently had a client who needed an icon for an educational / reading app, and he wasn’t quite sure what it should look like. The only requirement was that it must be very simple with basic shapes that matched his existing design language.

So – these six vector icons were something that I threw together in about 20 minutes just to get a sense of what he liked and didn’t like. Once he picked a direction, I got to work and produced the next round of variations on that single icon which were more detailed and higher fidelity than these.

But hey, I’m a firm believer in never letting anything go to waste, so feel free to use any of these icons if you have a need for ’em. The book icon may be the most useful, but the icon of the mobile phone hovering over the “a” would be perfect for anyone creating educational mobile apps.

download this vector UI icon set in Adobe Illustrator format

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