Simple UI icon set

Being a busy visual designer with demanding clients has it’s good and bad points. The bad points are obvious: being overworked, not having total control over design issues, and impossible deadlines. However, working on so many projects does give me a chance to experiment with a lot of different design styles – and it provides all of the content for this website!

This set of simple UI icons was something I was working on just a few weeks ago. A client of mine was in a rush to have some visuals made for a demo they wanted to do, so I did my best to start creating screenshots and UI elements before the demo was completely thought through (you’d be surprised how often I’m asked to do that). No surprise, my initial visual design concepts were trashed within 2 minutes of our next design review, and these icons no longer have a home.

This is a very simple vector icon set. All of them feature a simple object placed inside of a circle, which helps to create some uniformity between them. You may not have a use for all of them, but the paintbrush icon and navigation icons might be useful.

download this vector UI icon set in Adobe Illustrator format

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