Super high res glowing red transparent circles background

I create a lot of generic background textures whenever I have the chance, as they are one of the most needed visual assets in my day to day workflow. It seems I always need a texture for something or other, and this is one that I recently created that I thought I’d pass along to those of you who might need it.

It’s a really high-resolution (5000x3750px) texture with large transparent circles over top of a glowing red background. I ended up using it in some website banner concepts a while back, and I purposely left the edges of the image dark so I could place text in those areas. It worked pretty well, but I eventually had to modify it so much for the specific thing I was trying to do that I essentially created a new image (different from this one).

Since it’s so high res, you should be able to crop into it quite a bit without losing quality. Hope you enjoy!

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