Three PSD website banners featuring hands with mobile phones

You may have seen parts of these illustrations when I uploaded them separately. The hands with mobile phone illustrations and the generic map were separate elements that I uploaded a long time ago, and as you can see, even I sometimes use my own “trashed graphics”.

These three website banners were part of a first-round design concept for a website I was working on a few months ago. My client and I weren’t quite sure what kind of style to use, and our preliminary design concept was to do something in a very illustrative line-drawing style as you see here.

In the end, we decided to use a combination of photos and 3d renderings instead. But I still like the way that these turned out. Unfortunately, I have no use for them anymore, so I’m offering the source file up for grabs here.

download mobile phone banner illustrations in Photoshop PSD format

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