Three vector icons with a soft metallic gradient

This is one trashed graphic that I wish I could have had the time to develop further. I was helping a client figure out the visual design language for a high-profile marketing website he was working on, and there was a full icon set that needed to be developed along with it. The base color for the website was white, with large blocks of dark gray that were used to highlight certain content areas. Therefore, I thought a set of semi-metallic looking icons would go perfect with that. Long story short, it didn’t happen. We ultimately decided on thinner-weight line-style icons instead.

Even though I designed these from a web-centric point of view, I think this icon style would be awesome in a dark mobile app UI. I just may do that…someday. Anyway, click on the button below to download the Adobe Illustrator source file.

download these gradient vector icons in Adobe Illustrator format

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