Unfinished infographic icon set

It’s kind of funny how different buzzwords come and go in the corporate world. Everyone’s favorite word these days seems to be “infographic”, which if you haven’t been paying attention, is essentially a complex illustration that uses pictures and icons to display statistics and other interesting information in a visually interesting format. They are usually much more entertaining to look at than standard pie chart and/or pie graphs.

Since everyone is talking about infographics, it’s kind of natural to assume that I (a visual designer) am asked to create a lot of them for presentations and articles. Since the purpose of the infographic is to tell a complex story with pictures, it means creating a lot of concepts and trying different things before reaching a final design.

The icons here were created as part of a shipping and logistics infographic I was creating a while back that weren’t used in the final layout. Please use them however you want!

download these vector infographic icons in Adobe Illustrator format

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