Vector airliner illustrations

For today’s post, here are are two very loose and stylized vector airliner illustrations. These were generated from an Airbus A340 3d model that I had for 3d Studio Max about 8 years ago, and they should work pretty well if you need an abstract illustration of a large airplane. They aren’t super detailed, but you may be able to add some little things here and there if you’re really good with Adobe Illustrator. But really – the intent when I created these was to be as loose and abstract as possible. Good luck trying to clean these things up into something clean and realistic!

I actually created a few more views of this thing, but for the life of me I can’t figure out where they are. They are most likely long gone if they aren’t in my “junk graphics” archives, but these two should work pretty well if all you need is just a simple airplane illustration that isn’t the focus of your design comp.

And here’s a pro tip from me to you: these illustrations are so abstract that you could probably zoom way in and take little pieces of them to create other abstract images. This is actually how I create a lot of my background illustrations. Starting with bits and pieces of other projects is a great way to give life to another one, and that’s what is all about!

Get the vector here!

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