Vector beautification icons

Drawing faces (or anything related to human anatomy) is not something I’m very comfortable doing. Even as a kid I could never wrap my head around the complexities of drawing superhero’s, dinosaurs, or anything with eyes and legs. Cars and airplanes were my thing! I could draw cool cars and badass jets all day long without a problem, but ask me to draw a person – or any living thing – and I’d freeze up and produce something that you’d probably laugh at until your belly ached. Yeah, I was always envious of the kids I went to school with who could draw amazing characters.

Because of that, it should come as no surprise that I tense up when a client asks me to do an illustration of a living thing. It’s simply not something that I’m good at, and despite how much I try to set expectations, my clients still ask for this kind of thing every now and then. “But I can’t draw faces very well” doesn’t seem to be enough of a deterrent to prevent me from getting into situations like this. I need to think of something more firm…

Despite my unfortunate lack of creative ability to draw living things, I needed to create a “beautification / beautify” icon for a mobile UI that I was working on last week. This icon needed to represent a camera feature that makes selfies and photos of people more beautiful by smoothing out shadows and applying a series of soft filters to hide whatever it is the user would like to hide. It’s about as vain as an icon can get, but I’ve been told that this is apparently a very popular feature!

The only guidance that I was given was that it needed to be a face of a beautiful woman. Luckily, the design language of this UI had already been established long ago, so all I needed to do was to create a head shape that fit that existing style. It took a while, starting with the design process that I outlined in my last post about the Image Stabilization icons. Rough pencil sketches led to semi-tight vector illustrations that were presented to the client, and then once a final design was chosen, that vector illustration was polished up into the final design. These two icons that I’m posting here represent two of the semi-tight versions that I presented as potential solutions.

I actually like the way these two turned out, but I’m sort of bummed that the client ended up choosing the one that I liked the least. Grr. Oh well. Since I have no need for these two icon concepts, I’m posting them here for all to use. I don’t necessarily think they have to be used for anything related to beauty or beautification – they are just silhouettes of beautiful women after all, so…use your imagination!

You can download the vector versions here.

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