Vector calculator icon

Creating full icon sets is fun, but it’s a heck of a lot of work! It’s even more work to keep a picky client happy, which usually results in endless rounds of iterations and alternate explorations before getting to the final design. It’s all good though – endless iteration usually means a lot of leftover graphics that I can use for other projects, which can be huge timesavers down the road.

But what happens when I never use one of those leftovers for anything? That’s exactly what happened with this vector calculator icon. It was part of a larger set with a very client-specific flat design language, which is a bit too cartoony for much of the work that I do. I’m not much of a whimsical designer, so the chances of me using this calculator for anything at all is slim to none.

You should also know that I’ve got a few more leftover icons from this set that I’ll be uploading over the coming weeks. They are all rendered in this same pseudo-flat style with muted colors and soft gradients, and you can strip all that stuff out and create your own style without much effort. Look for those soon!

Vector calculator icon

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