Vector chat icons for mobile devices

Here’s a basic set of mobile chat icons that are simple enough to be modified any way you want. They are all based around the shape of a generic speak bubble, with different kinds of elements placed inside. There are normal states, error states, and general notification styles – by far not complete enough for an entire chat application, but these should get you started.

I made this set way back in 2010 for a client who was working on a basic chat app for Android. Yeah, this was way before the Android operating system was as clean and polished as it is today, and there’s probably no way I’d approach this task the same way that I did it back then. Now there are strict UI guidelines to follow, with flat design languages and clean (consistent) typography all the rage. Things have changed a lot since then – all for the better!

Anyway, this set of messaging icons doesn’t adhere (at all) to the iOS or Android design guidelines, but I still think these could be a good starting point for a fun type of messaging / chat app for younger audiences. The rounded shapes and bright colors probably won’t work for your latest enterprise communications app, but there are a ton of other casual uses for these I’m sure.

That’s the problem with holding on to all of my unused graphics for so long – I always think “oooh, these are gonna be great for another project”, but the years roll by and they become more and more outdated with each passing day. This icon set doesn’t even come close to matching my design style anymore – so there’s absolutely no hope of me using these for anything. I’ve got lot of this kind of stuff in my archives, all of which will eventually be smeared across the pages of this blog.

Download the vector!

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