Vector Coming Soon pointer graphics

One of the most difficult things about being a visual designer is being asked to add little support graphics and doodads to an exiting layout. There are usually far too many constraints to make it a fun task, and I usually dread this type of assignment. But it’s all part of the job I suppose…

Several months ago I was asked by my primary client to add some sort tag or badge to a large web banner. I was cringing inside even before he finished describing what he wanted, but luckily, all it need to say was “Coming Soon” – which is far shorter than most other things he asks for.

I got to work creating all sorts of concepts, most of which consisted of red and white vector graphics such as this that we could just plop on top of the existing artwork. Causally “plopping things over top of other things” is not normally how I like to approach design issues, but the deadline was tight and there was no time to go in and redesign the banner to include this message directly in it.

Long story short, these two pointer graphics didn’t make the cut. We ended up going with more of a more circular-type badge design, which incorporated some of the materials and textures used in the banner.

Hopefully you can find a use for these two orphaned illustrations – click here to download the source vector file.

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