Vector darts and dartboard illustration

I created this vector darts illustration many years ago based on a tutorial I found on This was back when vector art was still a bit new to me, and I was pretty desperate to sharpen my skills beyond traditional 3d illustration work and web design. Looking back on it now, I’m actually quite impressed considering that I created it at a time when I pretty much didn’t know anything about how to create decent looking vector art.

The illustration itself is pretty basic. There are three darts on a dartboard (in the bullseye, of course) and all of this sits over a bright red background. But I’ve got to warn you – don’t be alarmed if you find a bunch of of stray open paths. Just go into this file with the understanding that I was a total newb when I created it and you won’t have any issues!

I think this could be a fairly useful illustration as-is. Of course everything is editable, so you can modify it to fit your exact needs.

download this vector darts and dartboard illustration in Adobe Illustrator format


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