Vector globe icons with axis lines

I’ve done so many globe illustrations over the years that I’m pretty much sick of them at this point. Back in 2006, when I first started creating stock illustrations, globes were all the rage and it’s what all the buyers wanted. Globes globes globes! International business has always been the hot thing, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is my desire to create globe illustrations and icons. I’m totally sick of it!

Still, to this day, every now and then I get a request from a client for a globe. It does send shivers up and down my spine when I get requests like that, but I’m a visual designer and my job is to make the client happy. If he or she wants a globe illustration, then gosh dang it I’m going to dig deep to try and find a way to draw a globe like nobody has ever done before. And that’s no small task – globes are such a cliche in the world of stock illustration and conceptual business graphics that I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any new ways to draw one. They’ve been drawn and illustrated in every way possible, and often times I wonder if it’s just cheaper and faster to do a quick search on the internet to find the exact style of globe that I need instead of taking precious time to render something that has likely been illustrated a thousand times before.

Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic, but all I’m trying to say is that it’s really hard to draw a unique globe these days. And when one of my clients came to me a few weeks ago with a request for a “globe icon with axis lines”, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work trying to create something truly unique for their needs.

I ended up spending an afternoon illustrating globes in every way shape and form, and I even played with the idea of just drawing the axis lines in an abstract format and not even trying to make the sphere. Suffice to say, there were a lot of rejected designs and what I’m posting here are just a few of them. There were a lot more from my original set, but many of them were similar to the design that the client chose and I can’t post them here. But it was unique, and it took every last drop of creativity from my brain to come up with a globe icon design that nobody has ever done before. Or so I think. Come to think of it, I’d hate to do a Google search on the final design because I’m sure that someone did exactly the same thing many years ago. It’s not easy making globe icons!

Download this globe with axis lines vector icon set

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