Vector kitchen appliance drawings

I was organizing some of my old project files last night, and I came across these vector kitchen appliance drawings that I made about eight years ago. I hate to leave stuff like this locked away in my archives, because I feel like it’s a waste to keep them for myself when there is probably someone else out there that could put them to good use.

Anyway, this is a set of four individual kitchen appliance drawings combined into one file. Theres a microwave, oven, and dishwasher (all with open doors) – plus a stacked double oven too. Each of these illustrations are completely generic, which means that there are no identifiable logos or style characteristics that associate them with real products.

Clicking here will take you directly to the zip file, which contains two vector drawings: one is in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) CS3 format, and the other is in EPS (.eps) format. Feel free to use these images however you wish. Enjoy!

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