Vector LED meter gauge illustration

There was a time about three years ago that I was feeling really creative and developed a strong desire to become a master vector illustrator. I think that only lasted a week or so…but I did crank out a bunch of mediocre vector graphics that I never ended up doing anything with. I tend to have creative bursts like that quite a bit and I’ve found that they are usually really intense but very short-lived. Yes, I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve got a pretty hardcore case of A.D.D. going on!

These LED gauge illustrations were created during that week, and while being relatively simple, I think they could be very useful for the right application. The outer rings were meant to mimic camera lenses, while the center sections are jet black with glowing blue meter gauges that don’t really mean anything. You can (and probably should) customize these to show whatever you want. By the way, if these seem interesting to you, you might want to check out the blue digital gauges I uploaded a while back.

I’ve since given up on my aspirations of being a rock-star vector artist, so I figure it’s time to release these illustrations from my archives.

Download the source file

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