Vector pencil icon

Here is the last vector icon from the same batch which included the calculator and the ruler that I uploaded a while back. And just like those two other icons, this one strikes a nice balance of looking realistic as opposed to being completely flat and illustrative. You can add more detail if you’d like, or you can simply remove the elements you don’t need to match the style you are aiming for.

I’ve said it before, but I’m just amazed at how fast icon design trends change over time. Back when I created these, 3d icons with a lot of depth and gloss were in fashion, and the thought of simple flat icons that were void of detail and color would have been mind blowing to me. But that’s the way it goes in the world of art and design – nothing ever stays the same, and it’s not worth getting too attached to one particular style because it’ll likely be gone within the next year or so. Who knows? Maybe 3d icon sets will make a comeback and these will be totally relevant again.

Speaking of 3d icon sets that aren’t in fashion anymore, I’d like to point out my full set of 3d rendered paint bucket icons as a perfect example of a style that didn’t stand up to the test of time. While probably useful for banner graphics or as support images for blog articles, they certainly wouldn’t work as individual icons today. They were really popular with my clients back in 2006 (I couldn’t make them fast enough), but I can barely give them away for free today.

I’m actually working on an icon set right now with a flat design language, and the project that I’m making them for is not doing well. I kind of like the way the collection is looking, so I’ll post the entire set here if the project dies an untimely death.

You can download the vector source file for this pencil icon by clicking here.

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