Vector pointer icons with arrows

These arrow pointer icons were part of a design exercise that crashed and burned even before I was able to present the concepts. That’s the problem with working within a high-energy design team – it’s a very fast paced way of working, yet there’s an ungodly amount of time wasted trying to get ahead of the curve and trying to predict what the client is going to need next.

I actually created these vector arrow pointer icons on my own without being asked to do it. I thought I was smart, and totally sure that the client would be needing icons like this based on our discussion in the last design review. So I had a few extra minutes to spare and thought I’d go ahead and try to get a head start on things…

But nope. The scope of the project changed the very next day and there wasn’t a need for these in any way, shape, or form. Dang!

Anyway, these icons can still be used for something, though personally I haven’t found a need. And the more I look at them, I actually think they could be converted into interesting badges of some sort. So don’t limit yourself to thinking of these as icons only. They are completely vector based after all, so take parts and pieces of them and make them your own!

Here’s the vector source file.

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